Sorry to all of you english-speaking people who want to read about my trip…I just do not have enough time to write in French and English when I am on the road, and my Mom does not read English, so French it is. But you can still use Google Translate to get an overview by following this link. You’ll get a shitty translation, but, well, better than nothing!

And don’t forget, the pictures are in English.

I’d be glad to here from you anyway, do not hesitate to comment posts!

Cheers! :)


5 commentaires pour English

  1. Birgit Mueller dit :

    Hey Rémi! You took all the food from the containers of Lidl, didn’t you??? When I arrived there, they were all empty… I have a new backwheel now (because I am a girl???) and everything is ok with my bike again. I arrived in Finland now, visiting my friend and it’s so good to be here. I hope you are well and you enjoy your trip!

    • zboud dit :

      Hey, it’s nice to read you!
      Bad luck for the containers, I guess they had emptied it before your arrival…
      Good to know that your bike and you are OK, enjoy Finland!
      Cheers :)

  2. Indra Praveen dit :

    Hei Remi this is Indra Praveen. I am about cycle my cycle trip to Geiranger this in 2 days, i guess, 27th July. Your blog and inspiration is what will keep me going. Have safe Journey. And do post some suggestions.

  3. Dan-Eric dit :

    Hey, we met on the road between Östersund and Trondheim. Hope all is well with you. Nice to see some more from your journey. Here is my blog: http://twowheelssouth.emulsionen.org

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